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Who Was Phone? is filled with Internet references, either videos/images that have gone viral, or Internet memes. This is the master reference list, along with links (mainly to that tell the backstory of each reference.


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0:00 - Who Was Phone?
"So ur with ur honey and yur making out
wen the phone rigns. U anser it n the
vioce is "wut r u doing wit my daughter?"
U tell ur girl n she say "my dad is ded".


In 2008, this anonymous story was posted on 4Chan, going viral instantly, and THEN WHO WAS PHONE? became a popular Internet catchphrase.

Fiona is based on the Friendzone Fiona meme.
Clarence is based on the Sudden Clarity Clarence meme.


2:14 - Detective George
Detective George is based on the History Channel Aliens guy meme.


2:18 - Mobile Leprechaun
This news report of a Leprechaun sighting went viral in 2006. The Amateur Sketch of the Leprechaun matches what the police sketch artist shows Fiona.


6:01 - Ecce Homo
An attempt to restore a painting of Jesus was botched and went viral in 2012.


6:12 - Fiona's Mom
Fiona's Mom is based on the Sheltering Suburban Mom meme.


7:41 - Rage Comics
Characters that are drawn with simple software like MS Paint, and made into hilarious web comics.


7:50 - Spoderman
Another MS Paint character - poorly drawn Spiderman - became a popular meme.


9:55 - Asian Squat
Several viral videos wonder why some people can't do the Asian squat. This one comes from Buzzfeed.


10:20 - News anchor swears on air
Every time a news anchor swears on the air, it goes viral on the Internet. This is the original.


11:39 - Bad Luck Brian and Scumbag Steve
Steve is based on the Scumbag Steve meme.
Brian is based on the Bad Luck Brian meme.


12:39 - Idiot Nerd Girl
Jessica is based on the Idiot Nerd Girl meme.


13:16 - Sexy selfie gone wrong
Many sexy selfies have weird things in the background. This famous one has a turd in the toilet.


14:21 - Man dragging a body on Google Maps
This famous Google Maps image shows what appears to be someone dragging a body (proven fake).

14:28 - Meme Characters
The college kids are all based on Advice Animals memes.

(L to R): Phil - Friendzoned Phil
Fiona - Friendzone Fiona
Brian - Bad Luck Brian
Jessica - Idiot Nerd Girl
Kerry - Successful Black Man
Stacy - Scumbag Stacy
Steve - Scumbag Steve


14:30 - Impossibru!
Based on a famous reaction image signaling disbelief, fear or rage.


14:47 - Epic Australian Man
A viral video of a man going on an epic rant as he gets arrested.


16:11 - "None of this happened"
People say this when someone else's story sounds like BS.

17:56 - "Be me"/greentext story
A popular format for telling stories about yourself that originated on 4Chan. All start with "Be me", use short, concise sentences, and end with "Feels good, man" or "Feels bad, man."


19:40 - "Tits or GTFO"
The phrase used when a new user appears, claiming to be female.


20:55 - Dat Ass face
An image of the rapper Rich Boy biting his bottom lip became the "Dat Ass" face for when you see someone with a nice ass.

20:57 - "I wild each it lol that meets their naked"
A phrase that originated on after it was posted on a women's beach volleyball video. Originally meant to say, "I will watch it lol that means they're naked", autocorrect gave it a life of its own.


21:04 - "Crossing your arms won't hide an erection"
An image of a guy with an erection, crossing his arms went viral, appearing in various motivational-style posters


21:30 - World of Warcraft freakout
A classic video of a kid freaking out when his mom deletes his World of Warcraft account. Some say the original was faked, but it's still funny.


24:35 - Jet fuel can't melt steal beams
A theory by 911 conspiracy theorists is now a popular Internet catchphrase.

25:01 - U mad?
A favorite taunt for when you've succeeded in pissing someone off.

25:20 - Good luck, I'm behind 7 proxies
A good retort for when someone threatens to report you or track your IP address.


26:03 - Looking for a girlfriend
Influencer Timstar made a series of funny videos proclaiming that he is looking for a girlfriend. This is the original.


26:52 - Friend Zone hand sign
Quickly becoming the official logo of the Friend Zone.

28:06 - When you see it, you'll shit bricks
The hot tub image is one of the most famous of a series where barely visible faces are photoshopped in. The hot tub image depicts topless girls in a hot tub, with a face in the window behind them.


28:48 - High Expectations Asian Father
Phil's Dad is based on the High Expectations Asian Father meme.


31:00 - Guy pops out of garbage can in Halloween mask, gets punched
A classic Internet video from the early days before YouTube.


32:03 - Guy tasers himself
Self explanatory - This was also featured on an episode of Tosh.O.


33:01 - Kendra Sunderland library striptease
Oregon State college student did a strip tease on webcam that went viral and made her famous.


39:27 - "I accidentally..."
Sometimes you accidentally a word out when you're typing. This Internet catchphrase makes fun of that.

40:30 - "Holy wall of text, Batman!"
A popular catchphrase responding to someone who makes a very long post.

40:33 - FRAT
Similar to "Holy wall of text", FRAT stands for "F*ck reading all that!"

40:54 - Tai Lopez - Here in my garage
Tai Lopez is a business & marketing guru who teaches people how to be successful. He launched his service by advertising this video all over YouTube.


42:01 - Did he died?
Internet slang typically responding to videos of accidents.

42:08 - If you don't reply, your mother will die in her sleep tonight
A trend where users posted videos which suddenly surprise you with the "mother will die in her sleep" message. It got so popular that Immunity Dog was created.

42:23 - Oh hai
An intentional misspelling (lolspeak) of "Oh hi!"

We also see Rav's email to Phil which parodies the "deranged sorority girl" email.


46:14 - Come at me, bro!
The phrase originated on Jersey Shore and became an Internet-ism where it's photoshopped onto pictures of people or animals with arms spread.


48:17 - Hide your kids...
This news interview generated millions of views, spawned hit music, and made Antoine Dodson famous, complete with appearances on Tosh.O and cameos in movies.


51:27 - Buried alive prank
Also featured on Tosh.O, a guy's roommates simulate his greatest fear, being buried alive, when he is passed out drunk.


52:06 - Dis gon b gud
Catchphrase used when users eagerly anticipate an argument.


52:51 - Epic Beard Man
Epic Beard Man emerged from a fight video on a bus in Oakland, CA. The video quickly went viral and Epic Beard Man remains one of the most famous characters on the Internet today.


53:54 - Amber Lamps
Another phrase that came out of the Epic Beard Man video.


54:58 - Technoviking
One of the most famous viral videos ever introduced the world to Technoviking, now an iconic and beloved Internet character.


56:35 - How can she slap?
A viral video that came from an Indian game show - "How can she slap?" became a popular catchphrase on the Internet.


57:56 - Instructor shoots himself in the foot
A viral video showing the instructor accidentally shooting himself in the foot during a gun safety class.


1:02:18 - Reporter swallows bug
A news reporter loses it when a bug flies into his mouth.


1:06:06 - Cool story bro
An Internet catchphrase used when responding to something that is boring or untrue.

1:09:54 - Dad rant
An early victim of cyberbullying was recording a video when her dad jumped on camera to rant, creating now famous phrases like "backtraced it", "cyberpolice", and "consequences will never be the same."


1:11:00 - "Damn girl, you know you want my sting"
An epic phrase and image from


1:11:30 - My body is ready
A catchphrase for when something excites you


1:11:44 - "Yeah you like that don't you, you fucking idiot"
A phrase that originated in a "worst things to say during sex" discussion that went viral.


1:19:00 - I regret nothing
A meme/catchphrase (usually embedded in an animated gif).


1:22:23 - Leeroy Jenkins
Based on a video of World of Warcraft gameplay, where a team member recklesses charges into battle yelling "Leeroy Jenkins" into his headset an quickly getting everyone killed.


1:24:50 - Afro ninja
Maybe the most famous video on the Internet, Afro-ninja shows a martial arts expert falling when attempting a backflip during an audition.


1:27:43 - Bag of rice
Putting a wet smartphone in a bag of rice was a lifehack that went around the Internet, generating the now popular catchphrase "Put it in a bag of rice"


1:30:18 - Guy shoots himself in foot
Another viral video of another foot shooting. This scene includes "Spoiler Alert" and "Chill dawg!" - two popular Internet sayings


1:34:00 - It's just a prank, bro!
Pranks are some of the most popular videos on the Internet, and many end when the victims attack or pull out a gun while the prankster says, "It's just a prank, bro!"


1:38:43 - "My video for Briona"
Bad Luck Brian makes “My Video for Fiona” based on "My Video for Briona", a video that quickly went viral.


1:39:38 - Bill O'Reilly freakout
An old recording of Bill O'Reilly freaking out during the taping of a show. Many parodies and remixes were made after this went viral, including one on Family Guy.