Watch Who Was Phone? with Dogecoin

We love Dogecoin, the people's cryptocurrency!

Who Was Phone? is now available for just 40ÐOGE! Click the blue button below and you'll be taken to the payment page.

  • Follow the instructions to send the Dogecoin, and DO NOT CLOSE THIS WINDOW!!!
    This window will be automatically updated when the payment goes through. It takes 10-15 minutes.

  • When the payment is successful, click on the Continue to seller's store link. Here you will get your very own Vimeo link / password to the movie!

  • If you accidentally close the window, don't worry, the payment will still go through! As soon as it does, you'll receive an email with the link / password. It will most likely be in your Spam folder! Look in there for an email from (it'll probably come after the CoinPayment emails).

    If you don't receive anything, email with your name and email, and we'll email you the link / password.

    And look for more movies to be available via Dogecoin! If Who Was Phone? makes a big enough splash, we know other filmmakers who will jump on board the Doge Train, and we promise to help them get set up!

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  • Why should I use Dogecoin?
    Dogecoin is more than just a store of value. Dogecoin is a fast, efficient, and secure payment system that will one day become the official payment system of the Internet. The more people that use it, the more vendors that accept it, the bigger it becomes!

    If you're not into cryptocurrency,
    Who Was Phone? is also available at:

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